20 Small Bedroom Ideas- How to Make My Bedroom Look Bigger

Looking for apartments on a low budget but cannot put up with a small bedroom. Do not let the challenge of decorating a small bedroom hold you back from moving in. Small bedrooms deliver their share of upshots; a cozy and convenient living abode. Small bedrooms are big on saving time, effort and money owing to low maintenance requirements. The elements of a bedroom, how small it may be, should sync together without a clutter effect or cramped feeling.

Here are some interior design ideas to make the most out of your petit living quarter. It is a job more like creating an illusion, read on to decode the combination.

Plan and devise

1. Think Vertical or horizontal

Before embarking on anything, you must devise a floor plan by analyzing the layout of your bedroom; is it square or rectangle? Is the ceiling high or low? What paint color you want? Can you fit in the old furniture or require new pieces?

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The blueprint will help you mark empty wall space for vertical storage. The height of the ceiling would help you plan your furniture; with a low ceiling as in attic bedroom, low-lying furniture gives an impression of more space. Come up with a color plan for the paint job. The layout shape of the bedroom is the ultimate guide to improvise your bedroom setting either in a horizontal or vertical plane. It is important to keep the fluidity and rhythm going in the bedroom. Using the wall up to the ceiling vertically delivers an enlarged image of the room.

2. Purging is good

Planning leads to subtracting the unnecessary items and accessories collected over the years. Keep your focus on the cherished items and distribute the rest away.

Paint Job

3. Select a color

Selection of an appropriate color scheme for your bedroom plays an imperative role in crafting more space. Dark colors absorb light and deliver a packed look. However, it does not mean small bedrooms pair up with lighter shades only. Select a light color, as cool blues, greens, pinks, creams, mauve etc for the walls. Paint the ceiling in a darker shade of the same color or choose contrast. It creates a depth into your ceiling giving an illusion of a few extra inches, making the walls taller.

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4. Monochromatic look

A monochromatic look of the same color in different shades creates a color flow throughout the bedroom. It saves the room from being divided into different segments and zones, thereby improving the spacious look.

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5. Paint the trims

Following the color code, paint the trims of the windows, doors and in-built cabinets a little paler shade than the walls. It highlights the overall look of the bedroom.

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6. Smaller prints wallpaper

Coating the walls is not the only option you can go for wallpaper. However, using wallpaper with small patterns is usually advised. If you like a bolder print in wallpaper, use it on a singular wall with contrasting light colored paint on the rest.

7. Balance the windows with the wall treatment

Another minute yet important detail is to harmonize the color flow of the windows and wall treatment. If possible, let the windows be bare and keep the sunshine in. If you want a bit of privacy, select the window drapes in the same color as that of walls to keep the color pulse going.

Decor and furnishings

8. Drape with care

Do not let the drapes fall all the way to the floor. Tie them up or keep the curtain rail fixed slightly higher than the window edge.

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9. More matching less contrast

Use subdued prints and pale shades for bedding and drapes. If you want a tinge of color, throw a few colorful cushions on the bed for a contrast.

10. Smart lighting solutions

Choose from infinite lighting solutions; spotlights, bedside sconces, hanging pendant lights or tall floor lamp in one corner, or swing arm lamps. Lighting in a small bedroom should not only be aesthetic but functional too.

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11. Hang mirrors

Small bedroom interior cannot make better use of mirrors as illumination, decoration and adding to a spacious look. Affix vertical versions at the back of your door or use an idle spot on a wall. Small decorative pairs over the bed or ornate dresser mirror light up your small bedroom.

12. Bare the floor

As favored for windows, a small bedroom floor is best kept undressed. If your personal preference demands a cover, select an oriental rug that runs parallel to the wall-to-wall size of your bedroom.

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13. Skip the boards

For a roomy ambiance, skip the head and foot boards of your bed. This is particularly important in bedrooms with low ceilings.

14. Appropriate Furniture

Select appropriate furniture for a small bedroom. If your budget allows, get the bed custom-made with functional storage space. Support your old bed with legs and complement with a tall narrow dresser. The space beneath the raised bed delivers an open look to the bedroom.

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15. Add a chic smart factor

Instead of a custom-made bed, select among a wide range of modern chic pieces of furniture like a foldable futon, hammock, Plexiglas or transparent chair, Pullman bed or even bunk bed. Often they serve a dual function at the same time saves precious space.

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16. Enhance functionality

Avoiding excess furniture does not mean compromising your comfort. Enhance functionality around your small abode via built-in shelves and wall mounts. Rta cabinets map out infinite options. The headboard can be transformed into a built-in cabinet for storage or a bookshelf.

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If the bedroom layout allows, the headboard can accommodate a clothing rail or shelf on the opposite side. Similarly, bedside tables can be wall mounted and raised beds can make room for built-in drawers.

17. Decorate near the lower third

Another trick of the trade for improvising space in a small bedroom is to place your wall decorations near the lower third. Instead of dividing the wall into halves, devise a three-part space for wall fixtures.

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The mountable shelves and Rta cabinets go better at the upper one-third towards the ceiling delivering depth. The wall hangings can occupy the lower third just above the dresser, bedside table or bookshelf.

18. Follow the color code while decorating

While arranging your accessories around your cozy spots ensure to position and display like colored items together. This also allows for a continued beat around every nook and corner.

19. Create a focal point

Displaying your favorite art piece or a wall rug on one of the walls adds a spotlight while highlights the minute details. Focusing on an important nucleus of bedroom enhances the entire framework.

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20. Maintain simplicity by organizing

There is nothing like a neat and tidy room that speaks aloud in favor of spacious living. De-clutter and organize to get the most of your small bedroom. This may be the simplest trick of all but it works noticeably for a small living quarter.

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