Best Countertop Water Filter System – Guide & Reviews

The safety of today’s drinking water is no longer something that we can simply take for granted. Contaminants of many types make it necessary to clean and filter our water before we can drink it. Because of this there are many types of over faucet water filters to be found.

The filters today are easier to install and maintenance has become something that most homeowners can do without the need of calling in a plumber. More and more studies have been done to help understand the need to improve the water quality of out home water supply and manufacturers are more readily supplying the business market with various models for the consumer.






Best Countertop Water Filter System

Big Berkey BK4X2

2.25 gallons

8.8 pounds

Best Countertop Water Filter System

4 Gallon Countertop


6.5 pounds

Best Countertop Water Filter System

APEC Portable

90 GPD

7 pounds

Best Countertop Water Filter System

APEX Countertop


5.5 pounds

Best Countertop Water Filter System

4 Gallon Countertop


6.5 pounds

Best Countertop Water Filter System


10,000 Gallons

3.6 pounds

Best Countertop Water Filter System

Watts 500315 Counter-Top


3.1 pounds

Best Countertop Water Filter System

APEC Portable

90 GPD

7 pounds

Best Countertop Water Filter System

Brondell H2O+ Cypress


6.2 pounds

Best Countertop Water Filter System

WaterChef C7000

1,000 gallon

3.6 pounds

Best Counter Top water Filter Reviews

Here are some of the best counter top filters available in the market.

APEC Water - Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter (RO-CTOP)

Best Countertop Water Filter

Water coolers are perhaps vital in the house. People use them to get purified water. They have a built-in thermostat that can provide you hot and cold water. The APEC Osmosis Water Filter is a type of filter that you can use in your house and the offices.

The reverse osmosis drinking water system is quite useful.It keeps the water pure and does not let any impurities to develop in the water. There are several benefits that you get by installing the water purification unit in your house or your office.

The APEC Osmosis Water Filter has a 4th stage ultra-purification system. The ultra-purification system refreshes the water and maintains a crispy taste of the water. The taste is superior to that of bottled water.

High capacity filters are very durable and reliable in purifying water. The APEC Osmosis Water Filter are durable and have longer life span. In addition to it, they are light in weight. This property makes them very useful for installation.

The easy installation method allows the filter system hook up to faucet units in minutes. These are perfect for travelers and students, for the homes and nursing homes. For seniors, these are perhaps the best.

Brondell H20+ Cypress COuntertop Water Filter System

Another high-quality water filter now available in the market is the brondell H2O+ water filter. It is one of the best countertop water filters. The most surprising feature is its elegant design. It's slim and has a very attractive countertop arrangement that will seem beautiful and increase the charm of your kitchen or room counters.

On its working process, it filters water in a 3-step robust filtration process. This process is equipped with Nano-trap technology that helps in removing tiny impurities from water.This triple filter technology gives the water filter its unique filtration charm; that delivers high-quality filtration.

The thing that matters in this water filter is its continuous water filtration. Water is continuously filtered with no waste water. Only the impurities are separated, and almost every drop of water is filtered using Brondell H2O+ countertop water filter.

The water filtration is very swift, and the replacement of the filter is even more  straight forward. You can quickly replace the filter and go on with other things without wasting your precious time. It takes less than 10 minutes to install the water filter at the first place. As it has standard DIY installation, it will allow you to install your water filter yourself in less than 10 minutes. Isn’t this easy?

APEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter

 Best Countertop Water Filter

Another top water filter available today in the market is APEX countertop water filter. It has some amazing features that involve cleaning water completely. Its sole purpose is to clean every dangerous infectious particle from the water.

APEX Countertop water cleaner removes the chlorine odor. Numerous companies drinking water by passing nascent chlorine gas through water.This process clean water yet it's dangerous as it can leave some amount of chlorine in the water. APEX water filter removes this chlorine and makes it purer for drinking.

The countertop channels can use one or more filtration techniques. You can likewise discover water filters that kill the contaminants, however not the valuable minerals.

It comes in many sizes and wide capacity ranges. You can just choose the one that fits your needs. Obviously, you have to look for the one that fits completely on your counter and also can meet the requirements according to your usage. APEX Countertop water filter will be the best one if you are choosy and like to go for different sizes. Moreover, the filter is elegant in design and will also increase the charm of your kitchen or room.

The alkaline cartridge used in the water filter is replaceable, and the best thing is it is easy to install and replace.

Gallon Countertop Water Filter System

 Best Countertop Water Filter

This countertop water filter is also one of the best countertop water filters available. Nowadays numerous alkaline water filters are available in the stores. These water filters are of many sorts, and one of the best of these filters is 4 Gallon countertop water filter.

The most amazing thing about this water filter is that it is one filter and has five clear and distinct features.Apart from purifying it mineralizes, magnetizes andalkalinizes your drinking water. It has the same capacity as other standing coolers. IT has a sleek and stylish design. The water dispensing area is quite large.

You can quickly fill up the coffee pots and sports bottles.Its multi-stage cleaning process removes all germs and gives you purest water. You can choose the size according to your family so that the water filter is not too big or too small. The 4 Gallon countertop water filter is entirely BPA free. It does not use any electricity and is manual. The water filter is easily assembled, and filter cartridge can be replaced easily and efficiently.

A standout amongst the most prominent water filtration frameworks is a countertop water filter channel. It has such advantages as a primary establishment with no pipes changes required, the compelling expulsion of water contaminants, and moderate costs. The countertop channels can use one or more filtration techniques. You can likewise discover water filters that destroy the contaminants, however not the valuable minerals.

Choosing the Best Counter-top water filter

With so many types of counter top water filters available for the consumer, it makes it difficult to choose the best, most efficient water filter for our needs. Here we will discuss the main considerations before buying a water filter for your home.

Size matters

Knowing the capacity of the water filter systems is most likely one of the considerations that is very important. You must know how much filtered water it will clean and hold for your needs at any given time. You need to know that when your family wants water for drinking or cooking that it will be available when it is wanted. Most water filters are marketed for family use and come in various sizes to accommodate the small family as well as the large one. Some are large enough to handle small business needs such as for a bakery.

Some have a high capacity, and some can hold only up to 3.5 gallons of water at a time. But if you need to be sure, and you have a large family, then you might want to consider a water filter with a large storage tank.

Large capacity filters give you the freedom of using water without being worried about how much water is remaining in the reservoir.

The filtration of water is a slow process. The water has to pass through some filters and other channels before it is completely purified.

How does it work?

With all the demands today for clean water, it is necessary for the market to expand. Today there are many types and models available. Some work on a basic filtration system to remove only debris, dirt, leaves and small insects. Others may remove the sediments along with chlorine and other heavy chemicals and some may even remove all of those along with harmful bacteria, molds and other toxic chemicals.

The various types of water filters can be classified into several main categories with multiple options within each category. The main categories to consider when seeking to purchase a counter top water filter system are: sedimentary, activated carbon filters, UV, alkaline and infrared. The various processes that each of these types will employ is dependent on what type of water filter you have.

Basic sedimentary will include simple floss type fibers to trap debris and may or may not include layers of carbon filter. The most recognized of these types is the small fish tank filter. The debris is removed as it passes through the fibers and charcoal.

Those water filters installed with UV capabilities have an ultraviolet light that helps to purify the water of bacteria. The UV capability is capable of removing almost any form of harmful substance that may be found in your water supply.

The infrared water filters have similar capabilities but instead of UV light, they use shortwave rays to kill germs and other bacteria that could make you or your family ill, such as: e col i and salmonellae.

Water Source Quality

Do you have hard or dirty water? Does your water come from an underground well or spring fed? Do you live in an area whose water is high in saline? If so, then you should consider a reverse osmosis water filter system from the category of your choosing above. The framework is newer than many types but it is well-known due to its benefits and capabilities.

The reverse osmosis water purifier uses a thin film .0005 microns which is able to remove the smallest of pollutants from your drinking water. It also removes those “tastes and odors” that are common to hard water supplies. If flavor and odor (such as sulfur) are not a problem, then you can use the normal carbon, UV or infrared water filter systems.


Although water purifiers are said to be the best, a major problem with these is that they require power to work. Now this implies they can be pointless in regions where force is flighty.

The same is the situation with UV water purifiers. Additionally, if you are flying out to a remote place and need clean water, you can just convey the enacted carbon water purifier as it is the most smaller and needs no power to work. Best are the ones that don’t use power. Water filters that use power are usually UV or Infrared filters.

Final Verdict

I recommend that you buy one of these five countertop water filters. This way you can have one of the best countertop water filters to purify your water. These water filters come in many sizes and shapes. These not only make your kitchen amazing but also makes them presentable. These water filters can be of many types and sorts. Water filters work on different principles and processes.

All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Mainly their benefits screen for their demerits. You can go for the compound electrical UV water filter, or you can also opt for the simple manual water filter. Both will work just fine. You will have to replace the cartridge or the filter that is fitted inside. That's it!!! You can also choose according to elegant designs and patterns nowadays.

You should choose the one that matches your lifestyle and is also fit for the kitchen. Keeping in mind the things that you should consider while buying these types of device, you can buy one of the top quality filters by purchasing the best one.

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