Best Plasma Cutter Air Filter

There's nothing more annoying than starting to cut or blow out then your plasma cutter decides to stop. There are many reasons you need a plasma cutter air filter. But one of the main ones is to remove moisture or unwanted particles that may be clogging the tips.

If you're looking for the best plasma cutter air filter, you're headed in the right direction. With the right one, you can prolong the life of your plasma cutter.

There are a lot of plasma cutter air filters in the market; picking one may be the toughest jobs. I researched for the best plasma cutter air filter hereby present you with 3 best choices. Check their reviews and compare their features to find which one suits you well. 

DeVilbiss 130525 QC3 Air Filter and Dryer

If you're looking for the perfect solution for your restoration and customizing shop or if you're a hobbyist, the DeVilbiss QC3 air filter is the one to go for.

With its high-performance filtration with only 2PSI pressure drop, this air filter is guaranteed to offer exceptional performance.

One of the best features of this filter is the filtration system. It has a three-stage filtration system with 0.1micron rating. This ensures that the air produced is clean to allow for amazing paint finishes.

This air filter also comes with quick-change filter cartridges that are easy to maintain. It also comes with a large filter media allowing for a longer life desiccant compared to disposable dryers.

It completely controls air allowing for a better color match and coating thickness. The filter can also remove water and particulates, oil and humidity.

It comes inclusive of an inlet shut off valve. Regulator and gauge, humidity indicator, bowl drain and patents pending.


  • It has a high-performance filtration system with 2PSI pressure drop
  • Three-stage filtering system with a 0.1micron rating
  • Comes with a quick change filter cartridges
  • Controls air completely for better color matches
  • Comes with an array of convenient parts


  • Complaints of the media life being very short 

PneumaticPlus SAU4030M-NO4DG-MEP Three Stage Air Drying System

If you're looking for efficiency and convenience in one pack, get the PneumaticPlus SAU4030M-N04DG-MEP air filter and it will work great.

It has a maximum supply of pressure of 250PSI and operating pressure of 150PSI. This makes it the best air filter for those demanding jobs.

The best feature of this air filter is the filtration system. It has a three-stage filtering system that's responsible for removing moisture, dirt, rust, and oil. This means that even with accumulated sludge and moisture, this filter will work great.

This air filter is a 10micron element standard filter. It also has a 0.3micron coalescing filtering element. It's responsible for removing every foreign and unwanted element.

The best part of this air filter is that it doesn't have any moving parts or adjustments. Say goodbye worrying about those small irreplaceable parts.

It comes with an auto drain and metal bowl with a bowl guard, pressure gauge, and bracket.


  • Maximum pressure of 250PSI
  • Three-stage filtering system
  • 3micron coalescing filtering element
  • Doesn't have moving parts or adjustments
  • Comes with an auto drain and 150PSI pressure gauge


  • It requires expertise during installation
  • Complaints of the regulator heating

PneumaticPlus SAU2030M-NO2G Mini Three Stage Air Drying System

If you don't want to spend a lot of money on an air filter, this is the place to be. This PneumaticPlus SAU2030M-NO2G Mini three-stage air filter should be your perfect choice.

For excellent efficiency, this air filter has an exceptional filtration system. It has a three-stage filtering system that removes corrosive moisture, pipe scale, dust, rust, and oil. It also ensures that the filter lasts you a while.

For even more convenience, this air filter has a poly bowl compared to other brands. It allows collection of for every particle removed. You can then easily drain it.

The unique feature of this air filter is its weight. It's lightweight and portable. You can, therefore, use it indoors or outdoors.

This air filter doesn't come with moving parts or adjustments. It also comes with a metal bowl to allow for use even with solvents harmful to polycarbonate.

It comes complete with 0-150PSI pressure gauge bracket with a maximum supply pressure of 250PSI. It also has a high-performance regulator.


  • Three-stage filtering system
  • Comes with a poly bowl that allows for collection of removed particles
  • Easy to install and lightweight for indoor/outdoor use
  • It doesn't come with moving parts or adjustments
  • Has a 0-150PSI pressure gauge


  • The air filter is small compared to others
  • It doesn't regulate PSI consistently 

How To Choose The Best Plasma Cutter Air Filter

Before you choose the best plasma cutter air filter, you need to consider the following.

The weight

According to plasmacutteradvisor, it's  recommended to choose a plasma cutter air filter that's lightweight and portable. This will allow you to move about with ease.

It will also allow you to perform tasks without getting easily fatigued. With a lightweight plasma cutter air filter, you can also get a constant supply of air.


As you look for a plasma cutter, find one that can clean/remove literally every unwanted particle. It could be air, corrosive moisture, dirt, rust, oil and much more.


‚ÄčYou need to make sure that the air filter compliments your plasma cutter. You also need to consider the pressure of the filter. The size is also related to the frequency of use. If you cut frequently, you need a larger plasma cutter air filter that can handle it.


Installation of any plasma cutter air filter should be fairly simple. It's meant to save you a lot of time. The best plasma cutter air filter should come with an instruction manual. If not, you can find online tutorials. With either, you can easily learn to assemble or disassemble it.

The drain system

It can be manual or automatic. You should, therefore, choose the perfect one for you. For a manual system, you'll have to manually remove the bowls and drain out the water as you cut. With an automatic draining system, it drains the bowls using the compressor. 

Final Verdict

There could be other models in the market. If you're looking for quality, convenience, and efficiency, you can choose any of the brands mentioned above.

It is however recommended that you do a lot of research before you settle on the best plasma cutter air filter. The more the durability the more efficient it will be.

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