How to choose whole house water filter

There are a number of reasons why water filters are getting increasingly popular. First is the benefit of convenience as you can easily drink from any part of your house, without thinking if it will be safe for you or not. You will also not have to think about what you intend to use the water for, before opening the tap. For instance, you might be comfortable using the water to cook, since you believe the heat will kill any germs, but you might be scared of using the same water to rinse a fruit, to avoid eating fruits with the germs present in the water. House water filters are also effective in protecting pipes from corrosion. If you are looking forward to buying a house water filter, here are some tips you can follow to get the best one for you.

Whole house water filters or not

You might be thinking if you will need a whole house water filter or not. Even though you cannot go wrong with buying a whole house water filter, you might be considering your budget and looking forward to exploiting the best option. If this is the case, your source of water will go a long way in determining if you should buy the full house water filter or not. If you are serviced from a private well that is clean, then you might just consider buying a filter that will cover your kitchen and dining table (if you have a tap in the dining). For places like your bathroom and laundry, you might be safe with bathing and washing with the water from taps without water filter if the water has been confirmed to be pure. If on the other hand, you are serviced by a public treatment facility or a source of water containing chlorine, then you should opt for a whole house water filter. The reasons for this will be discussed in more details under the heading ‘source of water’.

Source of water

Your source of water is important in deciding the type of water filter you should buy. Apart from its importance in helping you decide if you should get a whole house water filter or not, it will go a long way to decide the type of water filter you should get. If you are serviced by a private well, it is important that you carry out regular tests to ascertain how pure your water is. With the result from the test, you will be able to know which house water filter will be best for you. Despite the expensive nature of the testing, you should not be discouraged, as you will need an accurate and reliable record. A private well could have high sodium content and sediment if they are close to a coast. If this is the case, you will likely need a kitchen faucet purifier and pre-filtration.Considering the importance of water and the various ways we use it, you can be sure that the price will be worth the benefits.

If you are being serviced by a public treatment facility on the other hand, then the house water filter type you will need is the type capable of removing chlorine from the water. Any house water filter certified by NSF or Underwriters laboratory (UL) will be okay for you.

Chlorine is a great element with the ability to prevent waterborne disease outbreaks and growth of bacteria. Despite the benefits, it is not good for your digestive system. It also has the ability to damage the hair and the skin. When you use it to shower or cook, toxic gases will be released which have negative effects on the skin, hair and the digestive system. When you further use it to wash your clothes, it will make your clothes to wash out faster. This is due to the bleaching property of Chlorine.This is why a whole house water filter capable of removing chlorine is suggested if your source of water is from a public treatment facility.

Using awhole house water filter capable of removing chlorine will also help to make the air inside your house cleaner, since the air will also be polluted by the toxic gases produced while cooking with the water. This will make the house riskier for individuals with chronic respiratory conditions like asthma. This type of whole house water filter will help to save your skin, hair, digestive system and even your clothes. You will also be healthier and save more money.


Getting a whole house water filter is costly. There are however many types for an individual to choose from. The fact that a water filter is more expensive that not automatically mean that it will be more effective than a cheaper one. You should know the type of filter you want, how much you are willing to spend and then look for the best of that filter type that can serve you within your budget.

Comparing filters

Before buying your water filter, you can go online to read about and compare water filters. From here, it will be easy to know which water filter type is good for you, based on your source of water and the contaminants in it. Since virtually every brand has a website, you can visit their website to read about their water filters and the prices. You can also read comments from customers that have patronized them, to know what their experience was using the filter, before you go ahead to buy. After making your decision, you might want to order directly from the Internet or just note the one you prefer and go to a local store.


There is no water filter that is best for everybody. There are factors that determine the water filter that will be best for you. The factors include if you will need whole house filters or not, your source of water, how much you are willing to spend as well as getting adequate information on the product before going ahead to make your purchase.

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