Most Important Things You May Not Know About Home Security

Home security is one of those aspects of life you should always think about, but it’s rarely at the forefront of most homeowner’s lives. It’s true, we never really stop to think about the consequences until an event affects us and by that point, it’s too late. To help refresh your memory and so you’re aware of the potential risks, here are some facts you may not know about home security and why it’s so important.

Burglars Are Seldom Caught

Statistics show that only 10% of burglars who commit a crime are actually caught and arrested. This is a shocking figure when you consider that the US has an estimated 3.7 million burglar reports a year.

Even in a situation where the burglar is caught, the property that has been stolen is usually hidden away or is already sold, and therefore there’s very little chance that items will ever be recovered or returned to you.

Homeowners Make It Easy for Burglars

Alarm security statistics show that only 20% of homeowners have alarm systems in place. The question to ask is, does your house have an alarm system in place?

If not, whether you’re in or out of the house, how are going to know if someone picks your locks and takes some inconspicuous items that you won’t know about until you go to use them?

You Don’t Need to be Rich for a Security System

And if you get robbed, you’re still not going to be rich. Not all burglars are masterminds and doing something simple such as installing a fake alarm box or even putting a security system sticker in your window can be more than enough to deter would-be thieves from entering your property.

Neighbourhood Communities Can Save Your Property

If you’re not already a part of your local neighbourhood watch, now is a better time than any. Projects like Operation Identification is a highly effective project that means you mark your property to deter burglars.

Conversing with neighbours to look out for their properties while they look out for yours is a great way to bring the community together while saving everybody’s items for being stolen.

A Deadbolt is Your Best Friend

One of the easiest ways to protect your property is by adding deadbolts to all your external doors. This simple, affordable device is incredibly easy to install and adds unparalleled strength to your doors, perfect for deterring thieves who are trying to kick them down.

Burglars Are Clever

Over the years, the authorities have seen some extremely creative methods that burglars have carried out to analysis or break into a property or home. One of the most popular is around winter time when homeowners have stacked up wood on beside their home, making for the perfect makeshift ladder to gain access to upper floors.

Others will simply walk up and down roads all day, simply looking out for families packing their cars to go on holiday or to listen out for loud landline phone ringtones that go directly to voicemail, letting the burglar know that the homeowner isn’t in.

Lorraine M. Riles, a mother and homeowner currently working with Top Canadian Writers, describes her experience;

“One day, I left to take the kids to school, and my husband was out at work. I remember specifically that morning that I had left the bathroom window open to air after the children had bathed and simply forgotten about, thanks to some kids that didn’t want to go to school.

After I returned to the house, I was shocked to find that my entire bedroom, all the boxes under the bed and the drawers had been turned inside-out. My husband immediately rushed home and, thanks to him being a lot more security conscious; he had hidden all our important documents, holiday money, passports and valuables in our kid’s room in a high cupboard that they wouldn’t reach. The burglars hadn’t touched this room.”

Hiding your belongings is vital at the best of times but as thieves get smarter, as homeowners, so do you. Keep any real valuables you would like to keep hidden in odd places that nobody would think to look.

One of the most popular is taping passports or documents to the underside of drawers.

Never Underestimate the Importance of Plants

If you have window boxes full of thorny plants, such as roses or fruit bushes, guess who’s house the burglar won’t be going to. Spiky plants are one of the biggest unknown thief deterrents as it will stop thieves climbing both in and out of your property.

The Essential Tips

There are some very basic tips that homeowners can follow to minimise their risk of a break, or to deter the burglar altogether. Here are some of the key considerations.

If you’ve got your alarm box right by your door, or perhaps near a glass window, a burglar can easily see whether your alarm is set or not. It may deter them if it is but if you’ve forgotten, this is simply another form of invitation.

  • Remove The Mail Slot

This may seem like a strange one, but a mail slot that is integrated into your front door weakens your door frame and won’t withstand being kicked in, a fact that a potential burglar is sure to know. Instead, opt for metal boxes on the side of your house.

  • Keep Your Keys Close

You may be a fan of hanging your keys up on the coat rack by the door but not only does this allow the burglar to see where they are, but you’re also losing a valuable tool to scaring them off. If you hear something suspicious outside, simply unlock and lock your car instantly, and you’ll be sure to scare them off.

  • Check Your Windows

Burglars are renowned for posing as people to gain access to your house, so they scout it out. They may even be a legitimate serviceman working on your property, but if they go to the toilet, they may leave the window open for the rest of their group so always check after they leave your house.

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