Top 10 Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool In Summer

The summer period is usually that one time of the year that most people look forward to, not only because the sun shines brilliantly, but also because there are lots of fun activities to do at that time. However, the heat gets real, and houses can get significantly hot during summer. With such kind of heat, you obviously will feel uncomfortable so that staying in your house during the day gets to be a real challenge. In fact, a significant number of people resolve to stay outdoors just to avoid the daytime heat during summer. However, there are lots of ways you could try to keep your home cool so that you can relax comfortably. Below top ten tips that every home owner needs to acknowledge:

Reduce sunlight

One thing that makes your home feel warm is allowing direct sunlight to come into your house since it will carry with it some heat. You could use blinds, shades, curtains, and also reflective window panels to get rid of direct sunlight. The only thing you need to do is ensure that the method you use will block direct sunlight, but at least let some light come into your home to prevent it from getting totally dark. This way, you will feel some difference in that the heat coming into your home will be less.

Consider the bulbs

The bulbs you use in your home could be the other reason why there is so much heat making you feel uncomfortable. One of the kinds of bulbs you totally need to avoid during the summer is incandescent bulbs. These bulbs produce a lot of heat, which is why they are recommended for the winter period. Now that the season has changed and natural heat has come in, why don’t you replace your incandescent bulbs and use LED bulbs instead? This way, you will reduce the amount of heat and even save more power.

Don’t ignore the doors

Some people go wrong when it comes to making decisions on whether to leave their doors open or keep them closed during the summer season. One guiding factor you need to consider is that a room whose air is colder than the outdoor will stay cooler with the doors closed. As such, ensure that the doors are closed if the temperature outside is warmer, as this will help you maintain the cool temperature in your house for long.

Avoid cooking from inside

Do you have an idea on how much heat your kitchen produces as you cook? Well if you don’t, try cooking when it’s chilly, and observe the difference after some time. The room will feel warm, even when not using the appliances that produce direct heat. As such, you may need to make use of outdoor recipes especially if you are a fan of cooking from the outside of your home.

It’s time to go white

If you can, try to get a smooth white fabric for your furniture, as it helps to keep away the heat, especially if direct sunlight is coming in. If possible, you could get a white carpet or rugs for your home as they will also contribute to reducing the heat. In short, try to bring in some white color where you can.

Open windows at both ends of the home

Most people don’t know about this technique, even though it helps to keep your home cooler significantly. Known as cross-ventilation, this method works by letting air move freely through your home so that cool fresh air will come in as it gets rid of the warm air in your home. Even when the air feels hotter outside, you will be surprised that this technique still works perfectly.

Let your fans spin counter-clockwise

When your fan rotates counterclockwise, it pushes cooler air downwards towards you, so that the warmer air is pushed up, making you feels cooler. If you want to feel the difference, set the fan to rotate clockwise, and then set it to the counterclockwise direction afterward. For both directions, stand below the fan, so that you feel the airflow. When the fan is rotating in the counterclockwise direction, you will realize that there is a noticeable air flow, which makes you feel cool.

Point box fans to towards the window

Do you know that it’s better to use your fans to exhaust air from your room rather than create an artificial breeze? If you didn’t know, now you know. Therefore, you want to point your box fan or tower fan towards the window so that it pushes hot air out, which will allow cooler air to come in to replace the hot air.

Use window fans

Window fans will work using the same concept that is used in the counterclockwise and clockwise rotation of fans. The way they work is simple, since you have some fans blowing some air into your home, while others blow outside. To have a balanced airflow and keep your home cooler during the day, have more fans blowing air to the outside so that cooler air will come in fast, as it replaces the hot air, creating a cool breeze. You can adjust best window fan depending on the temperature you have in your room, to keep the room temperature at its optimum level.

Unplug appliances or electronics

Probably you have heard that plugged in electronics give out a certain amount of heat as a by-product. Do you believe it? If you don’t, then try unplugging your electronics when it’s cold outside or during the night. You will realize that the room temperature with go down a bit, unlike when the devices are plugged in. Besides, such electronics use a certain amount of power even when powered off but plugged in. By unplugging them, you can get to save that power and probably ease your electric bills.

In conclusions, the above are the best techniques you could use to bring the heat down during summer periods. As you will notice, most of them are things that most people are less aware of. Therefore you could try them and be a good advisor to those around you after experiencing the results.

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